Edward Hubert Faulkner

“The truth is that nobody has ever exposed a scientific reason to till.” 
Edward H. Faulkner

In the early 1940s agronomist Edward Faulkner dropped what Nature Magazine termed "an agricultural bombshell" when he blamed the then universally used moldboard plow for disastrous pillage of the soil. H research results showed that erosion, soil impoverishment, and yield reduction are the results of inadequate soil management by farmers. He challenged the technological advancement at his time about how to produce crops, declaring that plow is and has been the main enemy of soils. He assured that by leaving crop residues on the soil surface, instead of burring them at the bottom of the soil profile removed by plow, and by weathering effects, the necessary soil organic matter for the next crop would be produced. Faulkner's assault on the orthodoxy of his day will stimulate today's farmers to seek out fresh solutions to the problems that plague modern American agriculture. "Plowman's Folly" is bound together here with its companion volume "A Second Look."