IFOAM General Assembly

Every three years IFOAM in its entirety meets for the General Assembly (GA), where the truly democratic and participatory nature of IFOAM can be seen in action. The GA is a dynamic and lively gathering that inspires members, board and staff to continue working towards the realization of IFOAM's vision - to be a common voice for the organic movement.

At the IFOAM General Assembly...

  • The World Board is elected for its three-year tenure.
  • Motions and recommendations are put forward for majority vote.
  • Strategic guidance is provided to the World Board in charting IFOAM's future direction.

IFOAM's GA 2014 in Istanbul

In Action GA Special EditionFind out about the GA Agenda and what motions have been put forth by IFOAM Members and the World Board in the IFOAM In Action GA Special Edition.




Background Information

The World Board Term Report tells you where IFOAM stood in October 2014.

Read what happened at the previous GA 2011 in Korea in the Draft Minutes.  

More on the overall structure of the GA and World Board elections in particular can be found in the IFOAM Statutes. The GA Rules of Procedure outline the democratic decision-making process in detail.

Two Internal Auditors have been appointed in Istanbul to monitor the performance of the World Board and management. Find the Terms of Reference for the Internal Auditors here.

The presentation of reports, outlook, World Board and member motions as provided on screen during the Istanbul GA you find here.


The Draft Minutes of the GA 2014, which document all decision taken you find here

The final GA approved text of World Board and Member Motions you find listed here.


If you have any questions, please send an email to ga [at] ifoam.org.



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