IFOAM General Assembly

Every three years IFOAM in its entirety meets for the General Assembly (GA), where the truly democratic and participatory nature of IFOAM can be seen in action. The GA is a dynamic and lively gathering that inspires members, board and staff to continue working towards the realization of IFOAM's vision - to be a common voice for the organic movement.

At the IFOAM General Assembly...

  • The World Board is elected for its three-year tenure.
  • Motions and recommendations are put forward for majority vote.
  • Strategic guidance is provided to the World Board in charting IFOAM's future direction.

How to Participate

Join us for the next IFOAM General Assembly to be held on 16-17 October 2014! 

GA Registration

IFOAM affiliates can register with special discounted prices for the 3-day OWC and sign up for the GA via a special link. You first have to send an e-mail to ifoamreg [at] owc2014.org to verify your membership.

The GA registration fee of 60 € covers organic catering at the GA coffee and lunch breaks. It also includes the Motion Bazaar dinner on the boat on October 15.

Get a Voting Card

In order to be able to vote at the GA, IFOAM member representatives need a voting card. Recieve a voting card by submitting the authorization form below at the GA registration desk in Istanbul. This form must be signed by the legal representative of your member organization.

The authorization form is available  in English and in Chinese.

Get Ready to Vote

As a participant at the GA, you will have the opportunity to elect the new IFOAM World Board, decide where the next GA will take place and - of course - vote on all motions put forth by the IFOAM membership and World Board. 

In Action GA Special EditionFind out about the GA Agenda and what motions have been put forth by IFOAM Members and the World Board in the IFOAM In Action GA Special Edition.

Find out who is standing for election to the IFOAM World Board here

Visit the OWC 2017 bids page to see who is interested in hosting the 19th OWC in three years. 


Important Information about the Motion BazaAr on October 15

The boat hosting the GA Motion Bazaar, October 15, departs at 18:00 hours sharp from the Kabataş Pier, Kabataş.  The boat is called Okyanus. It will return to Kabataş Pier at 22.00 hours.

Participants are advised to walk to the pier from the ICC. Please leave the ICC through the main entrance. Volunteers will be there to guide you along the route. They will be wearing ‘Ask Me’ T-shirts.  

The walk takes about 15-20 minutes.  If you prefer to travel by taxi, then ask the driver to take you to Kabataş İskelesi (Kabataş Pier). Buses will not be available to take you from the ICC to the boat. You can see the pier here: https://goo.gl/maps/CCIFh

Please bring your GA food package badge or GA voting card with you so that you can board the boat. 

All GA newcomers are invited to a GA introduction session, starting at 19:00 hours on the same boat. Do not miss the motion bazaar. Welcome on board! 

Background Information

The World Board Term Report tells you where IFOAM stands leading up to the 18th General Assembly. Have a look at past challenges and accomplishments as you get ready to help us chart IFOAM's future.

Read what happened at the last GA (2011) in the Draft Minutes.  

More on the overall structure of the GA and World Board elections in particular can be found in the IFOAM Statutes. The GA Rules of Procedure outline the democratic decision-making process in detail.

Two Internal Auditors will be appointed in Istanbul to monitor the performance of the World Board and management. Find the Terms of Reference for the Internal Auditors here.

The presentation of reports, outlook, World Board and member motions as provided on screen during the Istanbul GA you find here.

If you have any questions, please send an email to ga [at] ifoam.org.

We look forward to greeting you in Istanbul!


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