Food Systems 3.0 – a pre-conference event at the 19th Organic World Congress

Join us on 8 November 2017 in New Delhi, India for a full day of intensely enriching and inspiring experience.

How to manifest Organic 3.0? In a 3.0 world, food chains are succeeded by food systems – inclusive societies continually improving toward best practice based on organic principles and practices – allowing producers better livelihoods, healthier diets for consumers, and cleaner more sustainable ecosystems. The synergy created through heightened consumer awareness, innovative market mechanisms, and favorable policy is already happening in Organic Food Systems. Sustainability works from the farm and local ecosystem outward, rejuvenating communities and strengthening the connection between rural and urban areas, and fostering the mutual support and interdependence of value chains. Join us for a showcase and discussion of best practice examples and leading thought from around the globe – present, share, learn, and network!

Organized by the Organic Food System Program, Food Systems 3.0 will showcase how Organic 3.0 is really happening on the ground. Come with your best ideas, achievements, and an open mind.

Program highlights

  • Showcase of Organic 3.0 and Food System models from around the world – a rich diversity of approaches.
  • Panel discussions on the showcase examples – applying science and improving practice
  • Poster and slide show session, with special recognitions
  • Food 3.0 - Participatory lunch and snacks!  Practice and savor Diet for a Green Planet, featuring local organic food varieties and traditional preparations.

A Program with Many Faces – Call for People and Participation

There are many ways to participate in this event:

  • Showcase a food system
  • Present a paper
  • Be part of a panel
  • Submit a poster, slides, or video
  • Attend to learn and exchange, share ideas and ask questions, and make connections.

Please click here to submit a proposal to participate in any of the above ways.

Go to the main OFSP landing page.

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of papers: 30 April, 2017

Registration period: July-September 2017 (more information to come).


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