IFOAM Rome Office

The IFOAM Rome Office enables direct access to the key United Nations (UN) agencies like FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) and IFAD (the International Fund for Agricultural Development).

Cristina Grandi, coordinator of the Rome Office, makes use of her extensive contacts within UN agencies to head up IFOAM international food security campaign work.


  • Intensifying and strengthening the cooperation of IFOAM with FAO, IFAD and other UN agencies and international NGOs;
  • Influencing government representatives on food security issues;
  • Actively working with national and international NGOs to raise the call for change on international food policies;
  • Supporting FAO in the generation of useful information and tools for Organic Agriculture development;
  • Implementing IFOAM Advocacy Campaigns as effective tools for the development of Organic Agriculture worldwide.


Cristina Grandi, IFOAM Chief Food Security Campaigner, Rome

Tel: +39-06-45437485

Fax : +39-06-45437469

e-mail: c.grandi [at] ifoam.org