IFOAM Euro-Asia

IFOAM Euro-Asia is the regional alliance of the Euro-Asian organic movements aimed at assuring the organic food and farming in their respective states.

IFOAM Euro-Asia’s main goal is to create a single organic market in the Euro-Asian region and organic cooperation.


IFOAM Euro-Asia creates proper conditions for the organic movement growth in the participating countries using the principles and experience of IFOAM.


Preservation and development of bio-cultural diversity through the effective implementation of the principles of the organic movement.


  • To make the principles of organic farming regulating the agrarian sector and provisioned in the educational system;
  • To build strong organic management responding to recent environmental and food security challenges by strengthening capacity of organic leaders at the IFOAM Organic Leadership Academy;
  • To develop and adopt a set of harmonized organic standards adaptable to all member countries; 
  • To promote the alliance’s organic development interests at regional and international levels;
  • Introducing and implementing joint organic regional projects and programs;
  • Conduct training and exchange of experience for national trainers;
  • Training for national certification agencies and helping to develop national certification bodies;
  • Assistance in the preparation of national legislation;
  • Assist in conducting research (training guidelines) for all stages of organic production;


The IFOAM Euro-Asia is open to all entities and individuals interested in Organic Agriculture from the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other Russian speaking countries. 

Planed Activities:

  • Set up a platform to exchange experiences
  • Meetings of network members: (1) during the IFOAM OWC, October 2014, (2) during Organic Forum, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, November 2014 to discuss and agree on strategic pillars
  • Coordination of activities on organic standard development for Central Asian countries
  • Development of a strategy on attracting new IFOAM members
  • Activities to attract funds to support the OLC for Russian speaking stakeholders

Steering Group:

  • Saparbek Alymkulov, Executive Director of BioService, Kyrgyzstan, email: s.alymkulov [at] bioservice.kg,
  • Mirzokhid Yuldashev, 
Director of 
The Centre of Agro Information-Innovation of Uzbekistan 
  • Klimov Evgeniy, President of Fund for Integration of Ecological Culture (FIEC), Kazakhstan, e-mail: fiec [at] mail.ru
  • Buzrukov Maksud, Director of Public Union - Center of Development of Organic Production SAS Organic, Tajikistan,  e-mail: mbuzrukov [at] sas.tj,
  • Vugar Babayev, Chairman of Ganja Agribusiness Association (GABA), Azerbaijan, e-mail: v.babayev [at] gaba.az
  • Aidaraliev Iskender, President of Bio-KG Federation of Organic Development, Kyrgyzstan, e-mail: aidaraliev.i [at] gmail.com

​Location: The regional office is to be located in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. 

Address: Abrakhmanov Str. 9, Jalal- Abad

Contact:  Saparbek Alymkulov, Coordinator, email: info [at] euro-asia.ifoam.org