After the successful conclusion of the 17th IFOAM Organic World Congress in 2011- the first-ever to be held in Asia - many organic stakeholders in Asia felt the need for an organic alliance in the region. Discussions began in earnest at the end of May 2012 in South Korea where 18 leaders of the organic movements from 14 countries achieved consensus on the formation of such a body. A second physical meeting in Manila laid the framework of “IFOAM Asia” and after five months of preparations, it was officially approved by the Global IFOAM World Board on November 24th, 2012.

The Inaugural General Assembly of IFOAM Asia was held on June 28th, 2013 at the Namyangju Organic Agricultural Science Museum, in South Korea. 86% of the IFOAM Asia membership was present at this historic event with representation from 11 countries in Asia.

The newly elected IFOAM Asia board is as follows:

Shaikh Tanveer Hossain (Bangladesh): tanveer107 [at] yahoo.com
Zhou Zejiang (China): zejzhou88 [at] yahoo.com
Ashish Gupta (India): ashishg2dec [at] gmail.com
Manoj Menon (India): manoj.menon [at] iccoa.org
Rasdi Wangsa (Indonesia): rasdi2002 [at] yahoo.com
Suh Chong Hyuk (Korea): chysuh [at] hanmail.net
Patrick Belisario (Philippines): pbelisario [at] gmail.com

The Executive Board is composed of Suh Chong Hyuk as President, Ashish Gupta and Zhou Zejiang as Vice-Presidents.

(left to right)

Manoj Menon, Rasdi Wangsa, Zhou Zejiang, Suh Chong Hyuk, Shaikh Tanveer Hossain, Patrick Belisario, Ashish Gupta

The mission of IFOAM Asia is to nurture and represent the organic movement in Asia in its full cultural context and diversity. IFOAM Asia will also work in synergy alongside Global IFOAM with a common vision to more effectively further the organic movement in Asia, open to all IFOAM affiliates and other stakeholders of Organic Agriculture in Asia.

How to Become an IFOAM Asia Member
Membership is open to all affiliates, associates and supporters of Global IFOAM; and organizations and individuals involved in Organic Agriculture that have an institutional address in Asia. For more information on becoming an IFOAM Asia member, please see our Terms and Conditions. To apply, fill out the relevant membership forms.

Global IFOAM Affiliates in Asia
Upon the submission of an application form in writing, Global IFOAM affiliates in Asia automatically become members of IFOAM Asia. To apply please fill in the membership form.

Non-Global IFOAM Affiliates
Membership is open to all non-Global IFOAM affiliates, organizations and individuals involved in Organic Agriculture in Asia. To apply please fill in the membership form.
Supporters & Patrons
All supporters and patrons are welcome in IFOAM Asia and membership is open to all organizations, companies, institutes and individuals involved in Organic Agriculture in Asia. To apply please fill in the membership form for individuals or for patrons.
For more information, please contact the IFOAM Asia Secretariat
Jennifer Chang, Executive Director
Email: ifoam.asia [at] gmail.com or jchang2011 [at] gmail.com
3rd Floor, Doguro 1 gil, 45 Seocho-gu (Bangbae-dong 475-26) Seoul 137-819, South Korea
Direct Phone: + 82(0) 70 7770 2190 /  Fax: + 82 (0)2 576 2180
mobile: + 82 (0)10 8206 7316
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