IFOAM Aquaculture

The IFOAM Aquaculture Group is a professional group of organic aquaculture producers, certification bodies, researchers and other interested parties with many years of collective experience in organic aquaculture production and certification.


The IFOAM Aquaculture Group aims to:

  • pursue IFOAM’s objectives within the arena of aquaculture and capture fisheries 
  • represent its members within and beyond IFOAM in the arena of aquaculture and capture fisheries
  • discuss and contribute to standards, certification and general development 
  • facilitate the exchange of information between members
  • provide a basis for a working group on aquaculture in the IFOAM Basic Standards

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Deborah Brister
186 McNeal Hall 1985 Buford Ave.
St.Paul, MN 55108-6142 (USA)
Tel: +1-612-624-7723
Fax: +1-612-625-8153
e-mail: deb.brister [at] gmail.com

Board Members
Stefan Bergleiter (Germany)