IFOAM Aquaculture


Why organic aquaculture?

Organic aquaculture is a developing sector involving farmers worldwide producing a wide range of aquatic species – including fish, seaweeds and bivalves – in line with organic principles. Globally, demand for farmed fish is increasing and as the industry expands the organic sector can show that there is a better way to farm, for animal welfare, water quality and human health. The ultimate purpose of organic standards is to make change in the world – to produce our food and other products in ways that are kinder to our planet and better for us. 

We aim to:

  • develop valuable and sustainable aquatic systems
  • maintain and enhance water quality and water resources
  • promote good animal welfare and respect the needs of all aquatic life
  • foster biodiversity and protect sensitive habitats
  • maximise use of renewable resources and recycling
  • minimize pollution and waste

What is the IFOAM Aquaculture Forum?

The IFOAM Aquaculture Forum is a group of organic aquaculture producers, certification bodies, researchers and other stakeholders with many years of collective experience in organic aquaculture production and certification.

The IFOAM Aquaculture Forum aims to:

  • develop the concept of organic aquaculture
  • to pursue IFOAM - Organics International’s objectives within the area of aquaculture
  • to represent its members within IFOAM - Organics International and to external stakeholders
  • to discuss standards, certification and general development in the area
  • to facilitate the information between members
  • to provide advice on aquaculture to IFOAM committees and the World Board

There is an EU group too – the IFOAM EU Aquaculture Expert Group, which meets at least once a year to discuss EU focused issues.

Would you like to get involved?  Please contact Isabel Griffiths via info [at] aquaculture.ifoam.bio.

For more information, see:

The Rules of Procedure of the IFOAM Aquaculture Forum and related documents you find for download here:




Isabel Griffiths, Soil Association, UK

e-mail: info [at] aquaculture.ifoam.bio

Board Members
Stefan Bergleiter, Naturland, Germany