The Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network (SOAAN)

The Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network (SOAAN) is a think tank that positions Organic Agriculture and its related supply chains as a holistic, sustainable approach to the production of food and fiber for all of human society.

The organic movement sees the stewardship of the environment as the only long-term basis for sustainability, the core around which other principles of fairness and prosperity must be built. Some people may see organic as the “top,” but we say that it needs to be seen as the base, the foundation on which sound, sustainable systems are built.


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The scope of the SOAAN’s work encompasses all aspects of agricultural production and downstream product supply chains, centering around the products themselves, but also taking into consideration the infrastructure on which their production, distribution, and consumption depends.

In the initial phase of its existence SOAAN created the Best Practice Guideline for Agriculture and Value Chains, a reference document that sets the benchmark for what is involved with a comprehensive discussion of agriculture-based sustainability, and is enshrined as one of the Organic Landmarks.

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