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Latest figures from the UN state that about 805 million people in the world, or one in nine, suffer from hunger. Currently, smallholder farmers account for about half of this figure, although they grow 70% of our food. Our planet is facing detrimental climate change and loss of biodiversity. The use of GMOs is on the increase with inroads being made into many farming communities.

IFOAM - Organics International is the only organization advocating for Organic Agriculture at the international level as a viable solution for many of the world’s pressing problems. We closely monitor all food and agriculture related international policy making processes. Below you can find links to information on our core campaigns, advocacy resources like videos and scientific articles, news items, and a calendar of events that we are engaged in. 

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“We are in great need of capacity building and training opportunities to help smallholder farmers create high yielding organic ecological systems that can take them out of food insecurity and put them into prosperity.”  

- President Andre Leu, speaking at the FAO Agroeology Symposium

Latest News

  • IFOAM – Organics International responds to the Paris Agreement: agroecological practices are essential for it to succeed. Find out more.
  • 13 leaders of the organic movement take on new role as Organic Ambassadors. Find out more. 
  • IFOAM and SOCLA release publication on the role of ecological farming in mitigating climate change. Find out more.
  • IFOAM supports the UN Zero Hunger ChallengeFind out more

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