IFOAM official comments on other standards and regulations

IFOAM comments on selected normative or political processes with a view to promote the improvement of technical and political frameworks that impact the development of the organic sector. In developing its official comments, IFOAM relies on any or a combination of the following:

  • its existing official positions and policy briefs,
  • the expertise of its staff, World Board members and network of experts,
  • membership consultations,
  • the content of the COROS,
  • consolidated positions developed by its regional or sector-specific internal structures.

This page provides an overview of the most recent official comments related to regulations, standards and guarantee systems.

Comments in 2009

Comments in 2010

Comments in 2011

Comments in 2012

Comments in 2014


In addition to those official comments, IFOAM staff and World Board members provide frequent inputs to draft standards, policies and strategic plans upon requests from governments or the private sector.

In addition, IFOAM published general recommendations for governments and guarantee system actors in various publications, such as

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