Africa Manual

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the project's vision is to provide the most pragmatic African organic farming training and extension manual, that can be the core capacity building tool used to prime and advance sustainable small-scale farmers, market-led organic projects contributing to reduce hunger, poverty and disease.

Project implementation started in October 2009. The project's steering group is formed by IFOAM Africa Coordinator h.bouagnimbeck [at] (Hervé Bouagnimbeck), representatives from FiBL and from national organic agriculture movements in Uganda, Senegal and Zambia.

The manual aims to deliver and enable best organic farming training competencies to farmers, farmer groups, rural advisors, agricultural institutions, NGOs, self-help groups and researchers. It will provide information and guidance covering the most common crops, vegetables and fruits grown by small-scale African farmers, soil and water management techniques, illustrated pest and diseases management descriptions, plus applications of indigenous traditional African farming practices. 

Through a pragmatic farmer training methodology, developed drawing extensively on FiBL's, IFOAM's and African Organic Agriculture Movements’ knowledge assets, the expected result is an easy-to-use, extensively illustrated organic farming guide, written in clear language well-suited for non-literate farmers (or those with low levels of formal education) and their unique rural conditions.

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