ANC - Associação de Agricultura Natural de Campinas e Região

ANC - Associação de Agricultura Natural de Campinas e Região (Natural Farming Association of Campinas and region) - is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. 

Concerned about the abuses and attacks on our ecosystem, since 1991 ANC promotes and actively participates in environmental events in the region of Campinas - SP, Brazil.
The main activity of ANC is organic certification for food produced and processed within the rules that ensure consumers, concerned with quality of life, healthier and more nutritious products, promoting sustainable agriculture and the protection of the environment.
In this sense, the ANC has supported and encouraged fairs for organic products where it is possible to find a great variety of seasonable fruits and vegetables, grown without the use of chemical inputs, and also bread, jams and dairy products processed with organic raw material, straight from the producer to the consumer, guaranteed by ANC: an organization formed by people jointly defending and respecting NATURE and LIFE.


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