The IFOAM Organic Guarantee System (OGS) offers various services, some of which come with a special logo that clients can use in their communication or, in some cases, on products. The following logos are linked to services of the IFOAM OGS.

The Global Organic Mark is a product logo, available with two different hemispheres
To read more about the conditions of use of the Global Organic Mark, please click here or visit the GOM webpage.

Global Organic Mark Asia Pacific      Global Organic Mark Europe


The logo of the IFOAM Family of Standards
To learn more about the IFOAM Family of Standards, please click here.

Global Organic Mark Family of Standards logo Europe

To read the conditions of the use of the logo, please click here.


The seals for Certification Bodies Accredited under one of the two IFOAM Accreditation Programs
These seals can be displayed on products, under certain conditions. To learn more about both accreditation programs, please click here.

IFOAM accredited logo

   Seal for certification bodies with IFOAM Accreditation


IFOAM system accredited logo

    Seal for certification bodies withIFOAM Global Organic
    System Accreditation (IGOSA)



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