North America Office

IFOAM established its North America office in 2013 with the intention of cultivating increased awareness about and participation in IFOAM's activities, regionally and globally. The office is presently based in Portland, Oregon, USA and serves all of Canada and the United States.

David Gould is IFOAM's North America representative. He is in daily contact with the IFOAM Head Office and is supported by their staff for all relevant matters.


  • Inform stakeholders about, and engage them in IFOAM's activities, strategy, and planning on a global basis;
  • Bring IFOAM services and benefits to the region in relevant and complementary ways;
  • Increase IFOAM affiliation and representation from the region, to enable increased integration of their perspective and activities in the global organic movement.


David Gould, North America Representative

phone: +1 503 235 7532

e-mail: D.Gould [at]