PGS Video Library

IFOAM President Andre Leu
and the IFOAM PGS Committee

at the Organic Symposium in Bangkok
2013, in English
IFOAM World Board Members

about PGS
2012, in English

IFOAM PGS Around the Globe:
South Africa

Konrad Hauptfleisch talks about the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market
2012, in English

IFOAM PGS Around the Globe:
The Philippines

Rowena Buena (MASIPAG)
and Roberto Gajo explain PGS benefits
2012, in English

PGS in Benin
 First organic PGS certificate in Benin
2014, in French

Building Food Communities, Part 1
Pre-conference during OWC 2014
To view Part 2 - 10, click "next"
2014, in English and Turkish

Under the Sleeping Giant, Fiji
20 young farmers marketing
Organic Papayas through PGS 
2014, in English
Feria Verde PGS Market on DUBAI TV

2014, in English with Arabic sutitles
IFOAM - PGS in Tanzania
The Maendeleo Farmer Group
2013, in English and African native languages, with English subtitles

PROINDER - Proyecto de Desarollo de Pequeños Produtores Agropecuarios
Tecnologias para la Agricultura Familiar
2013, in Spanish

Organic by Trust

Mathew John about PGS in India
2013, in English

PGS in Vietnam PGS
Benefits and implementation of PGS
2013, Vietnamese with English subtitles and
in English with Vietnamese subtitles

Certified Naturally Grown
Alice Varon explaining Certified Naturally Grown as an alternative certification
2013, in English

Organic PGS Vietnam

2013, in Vietnamese with English subtitles

PGS Abancay (Peru)
PGS as an alternative to third party certification
2013, in Spanish

Per una Pedagogia della Terra
Eva Torremocha visits PGS in Italy
2012, in Italian

PGS Organic Council
about experience with PGS in India
2012, in English

Ecovalle PGS (Spain)
Documentary on the PGS in Valle de Lecrín 
2012, in Spanish

Certified Naturally Grown PGS
Practices and Philosophy
2011, in English

PGS in Tuscany
Gigliola Freschi from Siena Valdelsa
2012, in Italian

PGS in Argentina
with Feria Franca 
2011, in Spanish

CNAPE Reportage 3
Bolivian Government and PGS Recognition

2012, Spanish

Sapphire Coast Producers Association
Gary Hooley about the Australian PGS
in The Kitchen Gardener from ABC Radio
2012, in English (Audio)

CNAPE Reportage 1
Latin America PGS Forum 
2011, in Spanish

CNAPE Reportage 2
Latin America PGS Forum in 
2011, in Spanish

Ecovida (Brazil)
Laércio Meirelles explains PGS

2011, in Portuguese
CNTV about Beijing Famer's Market
Developing a PGS as a way to give consumers trust in the products.
2011, in English

Perspective on PGS
Terra Madre about AOPEB (Bolivia)

2010, in Spanish

PGS in Huánuco (Peru)
Ceremony for 300 producers
receiving PGS certification
2010, in Spanish

Andalusian PGS Workshop
Eva Terremocha and Laércio Meirelles about PGS in Spain and Brazil
2009, in Spanish


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