IFOAM France

The Association

  • is a platform for exchange concerning organic production and processing between national and international levels
  • is the platform for exchange between the concerted tasks and positions of the French IFOAM Affiliates and the tasks and positions of IFOAM and its constituted groups
  • ensures a representation of French Affiliates inside IFOAM and its constituted groups as well as in international meetings of the organic movement
  • carries on, in the area of organic production and processing, assorted national activities
  • defends its interests or of one or several of its members, including involvement in legal procedures

All French IFOAM Member Organizations may become a voting IFOAM France member and all French IFOAM Associates may become non-voting Associates.

Thus far, 10 French organizations are members of the association: AbioDoc - Ecocert - FNAB - Formabio - GRAB Avignon - ITAB - Inter Bio Bretagne - MABD - Nature et Progrès - Synabio.

Executive Board

  • President: Vianney Le Pichon
  • Vice President: François Le Lagadec
  • Secretary: Sophie Valleix
  • Treasurer: Antoine Faure 

Other Board Members

Thierry Mercier, Cecile Lepers, Dominique Marion, Jean Pierre Anglade, Jean Marie Morin.

IFOAM France also works within the IFOAM EU Regional Group through an efficient internal email list of French Affiliates and experts, deciding positions and participating in European meetings through its delegates.
Delegate to the IFOAM EU Regional Group: Dominique Marion, substitutes: Cécile Lepers, Vianney Le Pichon

Address inquiries about IFOAM France to: info [at] france.ifoam.org