What We Do

Working to lead, unite and assist stakeholders
from every facet of the organic movement.

With offices and networks across the globe, IFOAM - Organics International ensures that the organic voice is heard on both a regional and global level.

Our vision is the worldwide adoption of ecologically, socially and economically sound systems that are based on the principles of Organic Agriculture.

We pursue several courses of action, anchored in five Strategic Pillars:

The Umbrella Pillar - Uniting the Organic MovementValue Chain Pillar - Facilitating Production and TradeAdvocacy Pillar - Promoting Sustainability in AgriculturePrograms Pillar - Assisting Organic DevelopmentAcademy Pillar - Building Organic Leaders' Capacity

Our Activities

In addition to supporting a diverse global membership, we ...

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Organic Farming Conference, December 2013...organize high profile events where organic stakeholders can share their knowledge and expertise and establish valuable partnerships;​​
...implement projects, with global and regional partners, which facilitate conversion to Organic Agriculture, empower local stakeholders and strengthen supply chains as well as help raise consumer awareness;
...put Organic Agriculture on the agenda of international decision makers, showcasing its potential to benefit food and livelihood security, battle climate change and preserve biodiversity;
Organic Vegetables...guide you through the increasing complexity of organic standards and regulations, and promote alternatives to certification that are adapted to the diverse needs of organic farmers; and 

...shape the future of the organic sector by training a new generation of leaders through our Organic Leadership Courses and other services.


How IFOAM - Organics International achieves its vision. PDF Document.