The African Organic Sector

IFOAM is currently working with the African Union, the African organic sector and other agencies in the framework of its Organic Alternative for Africa Initiative to facilitate the integration of organic agriculture into the core policies and agricultural development agenda: including the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

In several African countries, organic agriculture has reached a critical stage of development and the national organic sectors have established national organic agriculture networks to represent the organic sector both at national and international levels. These umbrella organizations represent the organic sector at the national and international level, link stakeholders and make efforts to promote and get recognition for organic agriculture among farmers groups, NGOs, governments and intergovernmental organizations, and development organizations. The following national Organic Agriculture movements have been established:

  • The Ethiopian Association of Organic Agriculture (EAOA)
  • The Ghana Organic Agriculture Network (GOAN)
  • The Kenyan Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN)
  • The Organic Movement of Mali (MOBIOM)
  • The Organic Movement of Madagascar
  • The Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement (ROAM)
  • The Malawi Organic Growers Association (MOGA)
  • The Namibian Organic Association (NOA)
  • The National Organic Agricultural Council of Burkina Faso (CNABio)
  • The National Federation of Organic Producers of Senegal (FENAB)
  • Organization for Promotion of Organic Agriculture in Benin (OBEPAB)
  • The Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM)
  • The National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU)
  • Organic Producers & Processors Association of Zambia (OPPAZ)
  • The Zimbabwe Organic Producers' and Processors' Association  (ZOPPA)