Associação Biodinâmica

The Brazilian Association of Biodynamic Agriculture (ABD) is located in Botucatu, São Paulo. It was founded 1995 with the intent of generating, developing and fomenting Biodynamic Agriculture in Brazil. 

Concerned about the difficulties of creating market access for agricultural products from smallholders and family farmers, ABD created a commercialization group of biodynamic products in order to study and to trace commercialization strategies. Finally, in 2005, “Santo Amaro Fair” - the first selling point - was inaugurated where farmers could sell their products directly to the consumers. 

Since April 2010, ABD has been working with small farmers to develop a PGS. The system is based on the Brazilian regulation for Organic Agriculture (lei 10.831/2003) and on the Demeter International Standards.

The Biodynamic Association became a certification body accredited by the Brazilian Government in October 2011. Today, the association features 53 biodynamic producers divided in 5 groups located in São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The Brazilian Biodynamic Agriculture Association has been an IFOAM member since 2009.

For more information please visite the ABD website.


Accreditation by the Brazilian Government
ABD operating manual V4 (Portuguese)
ABD Charter V3 (Portuguese)

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