Contact person: Managing Director
Email of the contact person: p.imele [at]
Permanent email: biotropicals [at]
Postal address: PO BOX 12315 Douala
Phone: +237 33 39 32 96
Fax: +237 33 39 32 96
Year of Foundation: 1988

  • To promote sustainable organic production in all its forms (protection of the soil, cultural cycles and environment) through economic management of available resources, processing of organic fruits and vegetables and species (dry and frozen pulps)

Type of Organization: Private Company
Scope of the Organization: National
Organic Agriculture related main activities:

  • General promotion of organic agriculture
  • Food security
  • International marketing and trade on organic agriculture
  • Local market development
  • Education and training on organic agriculture
  • Research on organic agriculture
  • Rural development/Poverty Alleviation
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Food processing
  • Collection from wild
  • Domestication of wild species in organic farms

Agropastoral Common Initiative Group of Cameroon

Contact person: Jean Marie Sop
Email of the contact person: sopjm05 [at]
Postal address: Loum BP 190, Cameroon
Phone: +237 77 75 30 95
Fax: +237 33 02 87 28