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Submitted by Patricia Flores on
Markus, you brought a new perspective, dynamic and challenges to IFOAM O; making possible a wider vision and presence of the organic movement not only geographically speaking but also at the institutional and philosophical level, with concrete and materialized initiatives such as the Academy, Organic 3.0, Best Practices, NSA, etc. We will miss you a lot but I am sure that you will contribute in your new challenges, with the same passion and commitment you did in IFOAM OI. And this is good, to keep on moving forward and contributing for a better world! Louise, I know you as we started to work together back there in June 2007! Now, appointed as ED, I am sure you will give all your knowledge, experience and wisdom to strengthen IFOAM with its new strategy. You are a good listener, an extraordinary organic advocate and know how to build good working relationships. I wish you all success and you can count on me and Latin American organizations and people to support you in your new challenges and initiatives.