CoP 16


IFOAM is sending a strong team lead by IFOAM Vice President, Andre Leu and IFOAMs Latin America representative, Patricia Flores and with expert support from regional organic experts and activists. IFOAM is bringing Dr. Hans Herren (IAASTD Co-Chair) and World Food Prize Laureate to Cancun to put IAASTD recommendations at the forefront of the agricultural climate policy debate. 


  • IFOAM’s main message at Cancun will be ‘Not Just Carbon’ which will raise our concerns that climate policies run the risk of inadvertently causing more harm than good if they put carbon ahead of the food security and livelihoods of the small producers.

  • Push for the recommendations from the World Agriculture Report (IAASTD) to be adopted by Parties in the development of agriculture related climate policies.

  • Raise awareness of the high sequestration; low emission and food secure farming benefits of Organic Agriculture in any technology related discussions at CoP16.


  • IFOAM exhibition stand.

  • Side event in conjunction with lobby partner (IATP).

  • Strategic sessions with delegates and lobbying

Participation in Agriculture and Rural Development Dayon Dec 4th.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, Cancun, Mexico 29th Nov to the 10th Dec 2010 

Live from Cancun - a dialogue session with IAASTD Co-Chair Hans Herren and the IFOAM delegation.

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