Eliot Coleman

Eliot Coleman (born in 1938) is an American farmer, author, agricultural researcher and educator, and a proponent of organic farming. His 1989 book, The New Organic Grower, is considered must-reading for organic farmers and market gardeners. He served for two years as Executive Director of IFOAM, and was an advisor to the US Department of Agriculture during the: Report and Recommendations on Organic Farming which forms the basis for the US National Organic Program.

Coleman is well-known for his development of cold-weather growing techniques. On his Four Season Farm in Maine,US he produces year-round vegetable crops under harsh winter conditions, using unheated and minimally heated greenhouse structures.

In his writing, Coleman promotes small-scale organic farming practices and sustainable agriculture. One of his central principles is "small is better", advocating business growth through improved production and marketing, rather than physical expansion. He also favors direct relationships with customers—"know your farmer"—over formal organic certification.

Coleman is married to gardening author Barbara Damrosch. For several years, from 1993, they co-hosted the TV series, Gardening Naturally, on The Learning Channel. Coleman and his wife continue to grow and locally market fresh produce.

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