China (Shenzhen) Natural & Organic Products Expo 2014

The Focus of Exhibition and Global Business Opportunity:

Along with our country economy development and the improvement of living standard, people’s demand for healthy food, healthy beverages, healthy products is also increased year by year and the healthy industry market is wider and wider, It is understood that with the gradual enhancement of people’s concept, life way are chaning continuously. Health care products have extended to necessities of life rather than the selectable consumer goods. And in the background of China's consumption upgrading and stepping into the aging, Chinese healthy products industry will further develop. In 2010, China became the world's third biggest nutritional healthy care products market, In 2015 China is  expected to become the first.

“China (Shenzhen) National & Organic Products Expo 2014” is committed to building the preferred trading platform in the China West and will join the global leading enterprise to display high-quality products and services of import food, beverages, snack foods which meeting people’s diversified and professional demand.

The Exhibition Highlights

'China (shenzhen) international Natural Organic Products Expo 2014' ( for short : NOPE), will be held in shenzhen in May 2014 which be the only exhibitionin for natural organic and green food or other products. It includes natural organic textile products, natural bath products, natural organic personal skin care products, natural maternal and infant supplies,natural organic green food all of the world . We hope to join the global leading organic enterprises and creat the trading platform of the best Asia natural organic products and green food for one-stop purchase and technical communication in order to promote rapid development of the organic green industry and fully display the organic products to people all over the south China and shenzhen . This will satisfy our peoples’ good health with safe organic products. 

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