First International Conference on Agroecology

First Intl Conf on Agroecology

First International Conference on Agroecology: Transforming Agriculture and Food Systems in Africa

Reducing Synthetic Fertilizers and Pesticides by Scaling Up Agroecology and Promoting Ecological Organic Trade

Location: Nairobi, Kenya at the Safari Park Hotel & Casino

Dates: June 18-21, 2019 (the field trip will take place on June 21, 2019)

Organizers: Biovision Africa Trust, Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative of the African Union (EOA), The World Food Preservation Center, IFOAM - Organics International

Thematic Areas: 

  • Reducing Synthetics (Pesticide Use): The Effects, Impacts and Need for Change,
  • Scaling up Agroecology (Frameworks, Practices, Policies, Resilience of Systems, Ecosystem Services),
  • Promoting Organic Agriculture (Economy, Value Chains, Standards and Certification Schemes, Stimulation of Markets, Policies, Exhibitions).

Conference Participants:

  • Implementing partners,
  • Extended network of OTEA and GAP projects,
  • Those with production, scientific, advisory and other sector services experience and business and (inter)governmental policy perspectives,
  • Newcomers to agroecology wanting to get to know the sector,
  • Other interested parties.

Participants will build new contacts, find answers to their questions, and have the opportunity to join a global initiative for local, regional, and national benefit.

Call for Abstracts: the submission deadline is April 30, 2019.

Registration: online registration closes May 30, 2019, please visit: On-site registration is available on June 18, 2019 for an added cost.

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