RRaw Food & Organics

Rraw Food & Organics Fiesta brings the best produce and crops from farm to table.

Organic stands for quality and one's own responsibility for the ecosystem. This is an event for everyone to come together and discuss their interest and passion in organics.

The 5 core topics that will be covered are:

  • Real, raw food and everything organic from food to clothing, for the young and the elderly. Even including pet goods.
  • Franchise and Business for organic eateries, bakery and training.
  • Living and Spa that covers everything from ayurvedic treatments to spa operations.
  • Organic Tech bringing the best and latest farming technology for both big scale and urban farming facilities.
  • Organics - Halal - South East Asia has one of the biggest groups of Muslim communities.

There are 3 sections that serve the purpose for both the trade and visitors - a trade conference, exhibition and public workshop. All 3 days will be packed with activity.

The event in Singapore, being the financial and trading hub in this region, will offer both start up and seasoned organic companies the best facility for getting into selling to South East Asia and Singapore from Singapore. Let's make Singapore Green and Organic!

Please visit us at www.rrawfood.com and follow us at https://www.facebook.com/rrawfood/ for daily updates

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