Zero Hunger Challenge

IFOAM - Organics International believes that hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes. This is why we have joined governments and organizations in their efforts and commitments to support the UN Secretary General's Zero Hunger Challenge.

Zero Hunger means:

  • Zero stunted children under 2 years of age
  • 100% access to adequate food all year round
  • All food systems are sustainable
  • 100% increase in smallholder productivity and income
  • Zero loss or waste of food

This challenge needs comprehensive efforts to ensure that every man, woman and child enjoys their Right to Adequate Food; empowerment of women; prioritising family farming; and sustainable and resilient food systems.

Organic Agriculture contributes to eliminating hunger in a number of ways, from producing high-quality, nutritious food to increasing resilience and productivity where it is needed the most.              

Find out more about our commitment to the Zero Hunger Challenge here.

zero hunger challenge


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