Gerold Rahmann

Gerold has many decades of experience as an active organic farmer, trader and researcher, with expertise on plants, livestock, processing and marketing. As a committed member of Germany’s Green Party and as the head of an Institute of Organic Farming, he has a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the promise of Organic Agriculture as well as the challenges it faces. 

Also on the Board of ISOFAR, the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research, and part of the Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM (TIPI), Gerold has devoted himself to ensuring that innovation in organic farming methods, stemming both from traditional knowledge and modern technologies, can be shared and widely adopted. He is convinced that sustainable and fair organic farming can contribute profoundly to food security, but that organic needs more resources and a unified voice to compete with conventional and business driven agricultural and food science.

Gerold joined the World Board in 2014.

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