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This year’s climate conference, COP23, takes place in the home town of our head office!

IFOAM – Organics International is organising and attending several events at the COP23 to speak out on behalf of the organic food and farming community and to raise awareness of the urgent need to make organic agriculture part of a climate change solution.

What needs to happen at the negotiations:

According to scientific estimates, the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), as submitted by Parties by the end of 2015, will fail to deliver even on the 2ºC target. Countries clearly need to increase their ambition and the grounds for that must be set at this COP by defining a process for the Facilitative Dialogue to take place in 2018. This will be key in triggering a revision of the NDCs by 2020 in order for them to actually deliver against the 1.5ºC goal.

Reporting on NDCs must be sufficiently transparent to ensure that independent parties can i) quantify emissions and removals separately in the land sector, ii) track progress relative to historical levels of emissions and removals, iii) assess and identify whether backsliding and double counting have been avoided, and iv) determine whether the strongest applicable safeguards and standards have been addressed and respected.

When revising NDCs, sustainable agricultural practices such as agroecology and organic farming shall play a prominent role in addressing both mitigation and adaptation. Promising and sometimes neglected opportunities such as scaled-up renewable energy, promotion of sustainable consumption, as well as reduction of food loss and waste must also be prioritized.

The Bonn COP will also be critical in advancing the Paris Agreement’s implementation guidelines (rulebook) in 2018 setting up mechanisms for a global stock take. We encourage countries to adopt a constructive approach in negotiating this with a true will of finalizing details in a timely manner.

At a COP hosted by a Pacific island, the solidarity of G20 countries should be shown by revising their position and making progress on vulnerable country priorities including climate finance, adaptation, and how to move forward on loss & damage.

Join us at COP23

Last but not least, you can meet us at our booth in the Bonn zone for the duration of the COP. 

Here is a list of events not to be missed. 

If you are also coming to Bonn and would like to meet with us or invite us to an event, then please contact Gábor Figeczky, Advocacy Manager, advocacy [at] ifoam.bio

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