IFOAM PGS Recognition

Through the IFOAM PGS Recognition program, we evaluate whether a PGS operates in accordance with the Key PGS Elements and Features and verify the integrity of a PGS vis-à-vis the Principles of Organic Agriculture. The evaluation process is entirely free of charge.

PGS initiatives that have received IFOAM PGS Recognition are granted access to the IFOAM PGS Logo, which can be used in communication materials, such as websites and brochures, but not on products.

Any PGS may apply for IFOAM PGS Recognition if they are affiliates of IFOAM and if their production standard is listed in the IFOAM Family of Standards. To initiate the evaluation process, please read the intructions for applicants and send your completed Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) to pgs [at] ifoam.bio

UPDATE (March 2016)

The SEF has recently been revised and the only currently available version is the English one. Please check this page again in the coming weeks for the translations in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

for Applicants
SPG Auto-avaliação
Use of the

Your PGS is not yet an IFOAM Affiliate? Learn more about IFOAM Membership...

Your production standard is not yet listed in the IFOAM Family of Standards? We look forward to advise you. Please get in touch with us under pgs [at] ifoam.bio.

IFOAM recognized PGS Initiatives

BrazilAssociação Biodinamica

pedro.jov [at] biodinamica.org.br (Pedro)

FranceNature et Progrèsnp [at] natureetprogres.org (Lise)
NamibiaNamibian Organic Associationinfo [at] noa.org.na (Manjo)
New Caledonia (France)Bio Calédoniadirection [at] biocaledonia.nc (Aurélien)
Organic Farm NZmanager [at] organicnz.org (Carol)
The PhilippinesMASIPAGrbuena [at] masipag.org (Rowena)
Sri LankaGood Market PGS info [at] goodmarket.lk (Amanda)
USACertified Naturally 
alicevaron [at] naturallygrown.org (Alice)
VietnamPGS Vietnamnhung.vcert [at] gmail.com (Nhung)


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