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For the past 45 years IFOAM - Organics International and its members have worked tiredlessly to bring the organic principles of ecology, fairness, health and care into the world. The values of organic are even more urgently needed than before. The world is facing severe challenges of climate change and loss of bio diversity, poverty, and human health. 


To tackle these and other challenges, we strongly believe that a culture of innovation within organic farming and its value chains is crucial. Organic 3.0 explicitly recognizes this need and identifes innovation and the creation of innovation committees as a proactive step in this direction. IFOAM - Organics International, through the support of Bio Inspecta, have put together the first Innovation Committee, which aims to:

  • Establish a network of innovators from around the world, from inside and outside the organic sector;
  • Identify and evaluate existing innovations from around the world and across the full spectrum of sustainability dimensions as outlined in the Best Practice Guidelines;
  • Engage stakeholders regarding opportunities for kinds of innovations that might best manifest Organic 3.0;
  • Identify specific innovations thought to have greatest potential to (i) improve the performance and benefits of organic practices; (ii) increase our collective contribution toward solving global challenges; and (iii) facilitate broader experimentation with their uptake;
  • Engage stakeholders in discussions around innovations having to do with controversial or boundary-pushing topics, and how they may or may not be compatible with the Principles of Organic Agriculture.

The Innovation Committee works closely with TIPI (our Technology and Innovation Platform), and with OFIA (the Organic Farming innovation Award).

Current members of the Innovation Committee and its Terms of Reference can be found here.

Want to be come more involved? Help evaluate or test out innovations? Buld our network? Please contact us at innovation [at]