Namibian Organic Association

The Namibian Organic Association (NOA) is a membership based organization that coordinates and promotes organic agricultural development, networking and marketing in Namibia. The organization owns the standard and the Namibian Organic Mark, developed with the support of the national standards authority and the government.

The primary assurance system for local markets is PGS, which is administered by the NOA. The Organic Mark can be used by growers certified through the PGS, while third-party certifiers can operate alongside the PGS. Third-party certification is primarily used for export markets.

The Namibian Standard was developed in line with a standard compliant with the IFOAM Standard, which facilitates an easy migration of PGS-certified farmers to third-party certification when and if required. NOA has developed a PGS system and it is possible to assess some information and download some documents from their website. NOA is financially supported by the Namibia Country Pilot Partnership for Integrated Sustainable Land Management (CPP SLM SAM) with funds provided by the Global Environment Facility and administered by the United Nations Development Programme.

For more information please visit the NOA website.


NOA Organic Standard
NOA Organic Assessment

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