European Parliament Environmental Committee want greener CAP

Members of the Environment Committee have called for a holistic approach to the greening of the CAP across both direct payments and rural development in two Opinions on Direct Payments (pillar 1) and Rural Development (pillar 2).

In the Reports the Committee calls for a stronger greening component under direct payments including crop rotation, the protection of permanent pasture, soil cover as well as the option for collective approaches to maintain and develop ecological infrastructure. The Committee rejected the need for member states to shift money from pillar 2 to pillar 1. Instead it calls on member states to shift a certain percentage of pillar 1 funding to pillar 2, with the possibility to increase that percentage each year during the programming period. Elsewhere the Committee calls for mandatory minimum spending for environmental measures including organic farming and the development of programmes to tackle environmental challenges and promote high nature value (HNV) farming by encouraging member states to combine relevant measures together. MEPs also call for the prioritisation of sustainable farming, including organic farming across rural development programmes.

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