EU Institutions about to finalise CAP Positions

The Council and Parliament are now in the process of setting their negotiating positions on CAP reform: Members of the European Parliament will vote on the future CAP between 11-14 March at their plenary session, on the basis of the Parliament’s Agriculture Committee’s draft position. Agriculture Ministers will finalise their positions during the 25-26 February and 18-19 March Council meetings. After this, the political negotiations between the European Parliament, Council and Commission on the new CAP can start officially. They are expected to begin in April with the aim of having a final document in June.

In a recent press release IFOAM EU called on MEPs to deliver an ambitious reform that supports greener agriculture post-2013, including effective pillar 2 rural development measures that support organic farming and simulate an overall transition towards greater sustainability. This is in contrast with the draft positions approved by the Parliament’s Agriculture Committee in January, which shows that the Committee is unwilling to put forward proposals that would stimulate a paradigm change in EU agriculture.

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