IFOAM Connects to the Impending Internet Expansion

In 2013, the world wide web will experience a vast expansion of the choice of global top level domains (gTLD’s) – moving from the widely known .com, .org, etc., to a greater assortment of more specialized domains. Of particular interest to the organic movement would be extensions such as .organic, .eco, and .bio – all of which have organic connotations in one language or another. Since last September IFOAM has devoted time and resources to making sure that the organic movement is not hijacked by Internet profiteers and the reputation of organic is neither diluted nor corrupted. While much remains unclear as to the ramifications of this vast expansion of Internet strings, IFOAM has secured a cooperative relationship with Starting Dot, the entity applying for control of the gTLD .bio. Starting Dot has aligned itself with IFOAM and relied on IFOAM for guidance to assure that the use of the .bio gTLD serves the organic movement in all of its diversity, respecting the principles of Organic Agriculture and safeguarding the credibility of organic claims. Introduction of .bio to the Internet is scheduled for the end of 2013.

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