Organic canned food - long lasting benefits for consumers

The canned food is found on shopping lists of most families that are trying to follow the tempo of busy daily life. It it is necessary to facilitate consumer consumption of any type of product maintaining its top qualities. In the case of organic production, fortunately it is possible. Canned food is easier to store at home, has a long life span before a date of expiration and it is more useful as an adition in cooking.

Any kind of fresh product can enjoy benefits of this kind of elaboration process, as well as cooked dishes or some preparation, boosting the consumption out of season and benefiting its trade. The major benefit of this kind of processing is preserving the quality of food.

All the vitamins get preserved
The canning process does not change proteins, lipids or carbohydrates nature that may have the food, while keeping its biological value. For example, in fruits and vegetables, vitamins A, D, E and K stay stable. Vitamin C, water-soluble, oxidized at open air after harvest very quickly therefore is kept in canned better than in fresh foods, because conservation is carried out within a few hours of collection. The B vitamins, water-soluble, highly sensitive to heat and primarily present in the meat, are better preserved in canned than in the grilling or boiling the domestic kitchen.

The invention of canned is a logical step discovered for man over the centuries as the preservation of food has always been vital to its survival. The conservation in dry and dark places at the begining, and treatment with preservatives such as sugar, vinegar ... let move towards a more complete diet. Since the discovery of pasteurization, canning industry has not stopped to improve.

Organic canned
The numerous advantages provided by canned as a treatment method in the food industry have also been exploited by organic operators. The absence of chemicals that can alter the nutritional value of food are not necessary for the preserved treatment, but in a natural way respects the benefits of organic food.
Vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, or any kind of more elaborate dishes allow the product of nature can be consumed out of season, and to have them stored for a long period of time.

The canning industry
According to figures provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the sector of Canned Fruits and Vegetables reached in 2011 the 6696.81 million, representing 7.55% of total net sales product of the food industry. In Andalusia, enhance the sales of products from fish processing, amounting to 320.435 euros and preserving of fruit and vegetables to 822.146 euros.
With regard to organic products, according to data on 2012, the sector of canned vegetables and juices represents 7.3 % of the total vegetable canning industry , while the data of animal activities are not as specified in canned, but salted together with another processing methods such as sausages, accounting for 9.5%. About 10% of the market in bulk from organic farms goes to the canning industry, and in the other large group, corresponding to the horticultural center or similar canning occupies 5 %.

Article co-financed by the Regional Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Government of Andalusia and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, under the "Europe Invests in Rural Areas"

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