The Global Organic Network and Organic Japan

In recent years the organic movement has seen significant growth around the world, and organic products are moving from a small niche market toward the mainstream. Organic products are increasinlgy available in shops, and consumer interest is growing continuously. Yet, networking within the organic world is still quite limited and insufficient in many respects. The Internet provides a lot of information on products, manufacturers and distributors, as well as associations, organizations and media. However, finding an overview of practical information with links to other sources remains difficult.

The portal “Global Organic Network” aims to close the information gap and connect a wide range of organizations, producers, distributors, consumers, media, services etc. from different countries and regions. Japan is the country of focus for GON's first initiative.

Japanese food enjoys an excellent reputation and is popular all over the world. Traditional Japanese cuisine (Washoku) – from everyday dishes to luxurious menus – was added to the UNESCO intangible Cultural Heritage list in December 2013. 

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