Take action to save Ecological Focus Areas from pesticides!

Use a letter template (in your native language) from this website to write to your minister before March 2014 thus helping to prevent use of synthetic pesticides and mineral fertilisers in Ecological Focus Areas

The "greener and fairer" reform of Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was watered down dramatically, but it has seen the survival of one vital greening measure. Ecological Focus Areas or EFAs should improve the entire agri-ecosystem of a farm and its surrounding landscapes. This is good news for biodiversity and for our food.

EFAs are now under threat, as exemptions and loopholes that would permit the use of synthetic pesticides and mineral fertilisers have surfaced. What’s more, agricultural ministers of 23 Member States* sent a letter to the Commission to allow in the CAP implementing rules agricultural production on all EFAs without excluding pesticides and fertilisers.

A final decision is expected by March 2014.

You still have time to influence your minister for agriculture. On the Good Food Good Farming website you can find a letter template. Whether or not your country is amongst the 23 signatories, it is important to inform your minister that pesticides don’t belong in Ecological Focus Areas!

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