New handbook guides organic farmers through biogas investment process

Nürnberg, 14 February 2014 - Organic farmers considering investing in biogas production to improve farm income and contribute to the environmental sustainability of their farms now have new tools at hand.

The SUSTAINGAS Handbook:

  • gives a compact overview of concepts, farmers' perspectives and best practice examples for sustainable biogas production on organic farms
  • explores the agronomic and economic dimensions of biogas in organic farming
  • explains what steps to take for the biogas plant to benefit the environment
  • provides a step-by-step decision support, taking into account different biomass sources, plant sizes and ownership models for example
  • guides the user through the different efficiency benchmarks.

"Sustainable biogas production - A handbook for organic farmers" is available in English, German, French, Bulgarian, Polish, Danish and Spanish. It has been written and published by SUSTAINGAS, a project in the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union focussed on enhancing sustainable biogas production in organic agriculture.

The handbook was been launched today in a seminar at "Biofach", the largest international fair for organic farming. It complements a series of tools available on the SUSTAINGAS website:

  • an economic calculation tool for biogas installations on organic farms
  • an analysis of sustainability criteria for biogas plants on organic farms
  • available soon: guidelines for sustainable biogas production on organic farms

For more information and downloads of the online version please visit:

Printed copies can be ordered via:
communication [at]

or via: sustaingas [at]

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