New publication by TP Organics & IFOAM EU: Action Plan for Innovation and Learning

TP Organics, in cooperation with IFOAM EU and ARC 2020 have developed the Action Plan for Innovation and Learning. It sets out a blueprint for learning and innovation in the organic and agro-ecological food & farming sector and will be launched at the Stakeholder Forum of TP Organics and available online from 1 July.

The Action Plan analyses what opportunities current EU policy instruments offer from EIP-AGRI Operational Groups (under Rural Development programmes) and multi-actor projects or thematic networks (under Horizon 2020) to strategic partnerships (under Erasmus+).These instruments are a welcome shift away from the linear model of innovation to a more system based approach of interactive innovation.

Their success will depend on the political will and capacities available to implement the new thinking on innovation. By learning from the experiences of agroecology and organic farming, policy makers and public servants can make these instruments a success. Finally, the Action Plan calls upon organic researchers, farmers and businesses to organise themselves in order to take part in the various funding schemes. The numerous examples of innovation given in the publication can serve as inspiration for stakeholders.

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