Take part in setting the research & innovation priorities for organic food & farming

In 2013, Technology Platform TP Organics launched the revision process of the 2009 Strategic Research Agenda in order to reflect a number of recent changes in the policy priorities. Namely, the increased focus on innovation, the establishment of the European Innovation Partnership for Agriculture, the legislative proposal for a new organic regulation and the new Organic Action Plan published by the Commission in March 2014. 

TP Organics now calls for your contribution to recognise the research & innovation priorities in the organic food & farming sector!

It will help make the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda a broadly supported document that effectively can influence EU policy.  Please make you voice heard by indicating your preferences for proposed topics using the links below. Your personal data and comments will be used only internally.

The online public consultation will close at 13.00 hours on 1 September 2014.
Follow the steps and take part in the survey!

The instructions (click here for full instructions in PDF):

1. Choose one (or several) of the following area of interest:

  • Theme 1 - Empowerment of rural areas and strengthening innovation
    The topics of the Theme 1 propose research on how to diversify local economies in order to improve livelihoods effectively. How can organic agriculture, food processing and eco-tourism become important drivers of the empowerment of rural communities? How can the dialogue between urban and rural populations be improved to form partnerships between consumers and producers? How to foster effective and efficient innovation systems adapted to the organic farming and food sector?
  • Theme 2 Eco-functional intensification: the ecological challenge of farming
    The Theme 2 aims at increasing knowledge about how to manage ecosystem services in a sustainable way, how to increase yield stability, decrease the yield gap with conventional farming, and develop animal friendly livestock production systems.
  • Theme 3 Food for health and human wellbeing
    Research topics of the Theme 3 aim at investigating how the integrity of organic food chains can be tested, how organic food contributes to healthy & sustainable diets, and what processing techniques are suitable for organic food.
  • Innovation strategies to overcome challenges in organic rules
    In March 2014, the Commission published a legislative proposal for a new organic regulation. It foresees phasing out of several exceptions and derogations. The topics listed in this theme should be part of a large-scale research programme needed to allow the organic sector to adapt to the new rules and live up to the highest sustainability standards.

2. Fill in your contact details and mark your preferences for each topic using drop-down menu below the summary of each topic.

3. Feel free to leave a comment at the end of the questionnaire if you feel that some important topics are missing.

4. Done. Thank you for your time!

Click here for full instructions in PDF


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