Report from the Global Dialogue on Family Farming

The Global Dialogue on Family Farming took place on 27-28th October took at FAO, in Rome. The event brought together more than 300 participants, including a large delegation – around 100 - of family producers with the aim of galvanizing concrete action in supporting family farmers beyond the International Year of Family Farming 2014 (IYFF2014). 

Thanks to the IYFF, FAO as well the international community now recognize the crucial role of family farmers: around 500 million farmers (most of them small and very small) of the world's 570 million farmers that produce about 80 percent of the world’s food.

During the event it was possible to share the results achieved in some countries in terms of country programs, national laws or regulations in favour of family farming and, at the same time, the actors engaged in the IYFF2014, in particular the farmers organizations, reaffirmed their commitment of following to speaking out for family farmers.

IFOAM representative, Cristina Grandi, was engaged in plenary discussions highlighting the opportunities organic agriculture offer family farmers. IFOAM also collaborated with the  ArgentinianMinistry of Agriculture, INTA (National Institution on Agrarian Technology) and theWorld Rural Forum on the organization of the successful side-event “Family Farming, Public Policies of Development and Research” with the participation of Graziano de Silva, FAO DirectorGeneral and Carlos Casamiquela, Argentina Agriculture Minister.

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