IFOAM Joins Global GMO Free Coalition to Protect Farmers from Biotech Control

IFOAM has joined the Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC) in a move to increase the pressure currently being applied to the Biotech industry worldwide. In addition, IFOAM President Andre Leu has joined the GGFC Steering Committee, which guides the policies and targets of the coalition.

We are proud to add our voice to the growing number of GGFC partners, as the fight to protect pesticide-free agriculture and food gains pace, under the dark cloud of the Biotech industry’s current concerted push into Asia and Africa.

On joining the coalition Andre Leu stated that “ IFOAM is looking forward to working with all the partners in the Global GMO Free Coalition to assist farmers and consumers around the world in the fight against this dangerous and scientifically untested technology that is largely based on data free assumptions when it comes to environmental and human health safety.”

Henry Rowlands, the International Coordinator of the GGFC welcomed IFOAM as the GGFC’s latest influential partner: “GMO and pesticide agriculture currently dominates the globe, creating human health and environmental problems on a scale that has never been seen before. However, change is on the way, a growing awareness of the problems associated with GMOs and their associated pesticides is leading to increasing pressure on the biotech industry and its supporters. This is a global fight, and IFOAM’s involvement in the GGFC will enable real global change!"

Contacts & Links:

IFOAM: Andre Leu, a.leu [at] ifoam.org

GGFC: Henry Rowlands, office [at] gmofreeglobal.org, www.gmofreeglobal.org

You can download the press release here

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