IFOAM – Organics International participates in FAO-led symposium on agroecology in Budapest

World Board Member Eva Torremocha speaking in Budapest

The Agroecology Symposium, November 24 & 25, brought together nearly 200 participants from over 40 countries across Europe and Central Asia to examine current practices in agriculture and food systems, identify opportunities for innovation, and consider how agroecology can be scaled up to help countries achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals.

High-level speakers included FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva, Biovision President Hans Herren as well as our World Board Member Eva Torremocha.

“I am particularly pleased to open this Symposium after just having returned from Marrakech, where I participated in COP 22,” Graziano da Silva said, "There is an increasing recognition of the importance of agriculture and food systems for sustainable development." He also stressed that agriculture can help tackle climate change, poverty, as well as food insecurity - agroecology can be a concrete option in addressing these challenges.

Hans Herren pointed out that “organic agriculture out performs conventional in extreme conditions, balancing yields in the long term”

Eva Torremocha highlighted the interfaces between organic agriculture and agroecoloogy and presented the vision of Organic 3.0.

Other speakers such as FAO’s Allison Loconto highlighted Participatory Guarantee Systems as innovative systems that can create markets for products of sustainable agriculture.

The Hungarian Minister for Agriculture Sandor Fazekas noted “Agroecology will lead us to solutions for the most urgent global challenges of our time.”  He went on to say “All that we are aiming for can be achieved together if we cooperate and align our actions, including member state governments, civil society actors, private and scientific organizations. FAO is an advocate and supporter of this, as evidenced by today’s conference.”

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