Sign the Petition to Stop Glyphosate

Sign the Petition to Stop Glyphosate! 

We call on the European Commission to propose to member states a ban on glyphosate, to reform the pesticide approval procedure, and to set EU-wide mandatory reduction targets for pesticide use.

  • We call for the ban of glyphosate-based herbicides, exposure to which has been linked to cancer in humans, and has led to ecosystems degradation
  • We want to ensure that the scientific evaluation of pesticides for EU regulatory approval is based only on published studies, which are commissioned by competent public authorities, not manipulated by the pesticide industry.
  • We support the setting of EU-wide mandatory reduction targets for pesticide use, with a view to achieving a pesticide-free future.

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Why We Need to Stop Glyphosate
Originally designed to be a pipe cleaner, glyphosate has become the most widely and intensely used herbicide in the history of chemical agriculture. Traces of the substance labeled a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization have not just been found in food but all around us. Up to a third of tests done on British bread over the last years have tested positive for glyphosate and it has also been detected in the air and in water.

Glyphosate is harming animals. It has been shown to affect populations of beneficial insects, the good guys in the field who help us to control pests, naturally. Glyphosate also affects birds and small mammals by destroying the vegetation on which they depend for food and shelter.

Bad news for the herbicide henchmen. Good news for the rest of us. We don’t need glyphosate or any of its chemical counterparts for that matter. Organic farmers grow food without harmful synthetic inputs. Instead of spraying glyphosate they use crop rotation, which can interrupt the living conditions of the weeds thus inhibiting their growth and spread. Other alternatives include using legumes as cover crops to both improve soil fertility and suppress weeds.

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Background informaton

In Summer 2016, after a long campaign by hundreds of thousands of Europeans, the European Commission was unable to relicense the use of Glyphosate for 15 years, but instead had to settle for a short 18-month renewal. This was a huge success achieved in the face of intense lobbying by the chemicals industry. But major producers of weed killers like Monsanto are still lobbying to protect their profits. Their deep pockets have been paying for “studies” and “expert” opinions to show that their product is safe. We now have the chance to make our voices heard through a European Citizens Initiative -- a legal route that means the European Commission has to listen to us if we collect one million signatures this year. You can support this proceess by signing the petition here. 

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