Celebrating 5 years of the Organic Academy

The Organic Academy celebrated its fifth year with a Masterclass held in South Korea.

The year 2017 is the 5th anniversary of the IFOAM Organic Academy of which the OLC Masterclass is, in a way, both a celebration and a retrospective. According to Konrad Hauptfleisch, Academy manager " I felt this was a good time to really see what our impact has been over the 5 years. We have had nearly 200 alumni of the Organic Leadership Courses (OLC) and probably as many others from our other courses. The masterclass was really to bring together some of the top performers of the last 5 years. People who have really made their development plans a reality, people who have made a contribution to the sector in the time since they finished the OLC." You can hear what the participants have to say in the video above.

If the Organic Academy sounds like something you want to experience, then sign up for our next course in India


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