Join us for Open Space Sessions at the Organic World Congress & Have Your Say! In Open Space, YOU set the agenda, and YOU do the talking!

What is Open Space?
It is a self-organizing practice of collective activity which releases the inherent creativity and leadership in people. By inviting people to bring the topics they care about, Open Space establishes a marketplace of inquiry, reflection and learning, bringing out the best in both individuals and the whole. Any participant may propose a topic, and all participants may choose which discussion they want to join. Multiple topics with varying groups sizes can be accommodated. At the OWC, we will allow a maximum of 10 topics per session, with groups as small as 4 per topic. You can learn more about how Open Space works here. 


  • On 9 November at 17:30 in Hall 2B we host a session with the theme: “Proposals for further improving organic systems”
  • On 10 November at 16:45 in Hall 2B we host a session with the theme: “Proposals for scaling up organic agriculture worldwide”

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