Declaration from the 19th Organic World Congress in India

The purposes of this Declaration are to:

  1. Enable us to report to the world what we have done in India and thereby provide an updated message about our mission;
  2. Document our progress and evolution over the years, this being another such testament; and
  3. Be used as a reference for future actions and rationale and as an organizing and advocacy tool.


We, the people, organizations and networks of the organic movement, come from 120 countries to assemble in India – a birthplace of civilization, steeped in longstanding traditions, deep knowledge, and integration of spirit, science and creativity – to share, spread, and accelerate the implementation of solutions that humanity needs, to attain ecological sustainability and societal well-being.

With the largest number of organic farmers in the world today, India is a hub of social, political and technological innovation, full of vibrant activity that mirrors the vitality of the organic movement itself – diverse, innovative, optimistic and generous in its efforts to manifest the Landmarks & Principles of Organic Agriculture worldwide. Rooted in the knowledge exemplified by organic pioneers like Bhaskar Save and Sir Albert Howard, India and the global organic movement continue building Organic 3.0, the future of our sector.

Alongside established programs like its National Programme for Organic Production, India leads by example, engaging and harnessing the vast human resources of its burgeoning population to reap the benefits of organic agriculture and its products, with the state of Sikkim being the first to convert its farming entirely to organic, and with significant strides being taken in that direction by Kerala, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh.

With humanity stretching planetary boundaries, India illustrates the global challenges and opportunities that the organic movement is readily striving to meet.

A Unified Vision

At this 19th Organic World Congress, we reaffirm that organic approaches to living are holistic solutions for the entire world – solutions that lead to healthy people and healthy ecosystems, balanced sustainable production and consumption, better livelihoods, and enhanced cultural development.

Human society is increasingly connected and interdependent. Communities all over the world face common and significant challenges: climate change, hunger and malnutrition, biodiversity loss, poverty. The organic movement works for the common good and aims to scale up its contribution to humanity’s attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals – goals we can only achieve if we change to truly sustainable production and consumption.

Our vision is an inclusive, innovative, transparent, ever-improving, and dynamic engagement of like-minded people, enterprises and institutions that empowers all citizens to take their share of responsibility for making our communities and our world a better place.

The Movement in Action

The organic movement continues its impressive growth, with organic production and consumption officially recorded in 179 countries, with 2.4 million producers, a market of over US$80 billion, and growing continuously – a big part of a larger global movement of agro-ecologically minded producers and consumers.

Organic is more than just a certification scheme. It is a systematic solution for protecting and enhancing the environment, for improving human health, and for societal well-being through providing good livelihoods and cultural enrichment.

As a civil society movement that takes the lead with its visions, objectives and values, diverse solutions based on common principles are arising everywhere from the bottom up, as food and agriculture chains transform into inclusive and co-creative food and agriculture systems that engage all stakeholders, actively involving them in their choices around food and other agricultural products, and breaking down barriers to bringing better practices on the ground, higher quality products to the market, and pricing and policies that reflect and compensate the true costs and real value of natural and human resources and services.

Our Strategy

We go forward together with renewed enthusiasm and a rejuvenated strategy to amplify the positive impacts of the organic movement. We increase our impact by enabling more and better supply of organic goods, through building knowledge and capacity of producers. We, the people and organizations and networks of the organic movement, increase demand for good practices and products through raising awareness, enabling more people to take an informed, active and responsible role in connecting their own lives with the communities and natural world on which they depend.

Our successes instill confidence across value chains, supporting and improving production and consumption habits through cutting-edge science, innovative networking and information systems, and progressive policies to reward and incentivize better practices and performance. We are committed to preserving and enhancing our biodiversity and genetic resources, and further integrating human systems into the environment. We rise to address the challenges that urbanization and industrial pollution press on us, with creative solutions for better integrated agriculture and food systems in harmony with the Landmarks & Principles of Organic Agriculture. We enable and create new opportunities for public-private partnerships that emphasize win-win scenarios and serve common interests.

The organic movement is no longer a niche or an antagonistic sector – it is a collaborative partner, offering and receptive to new, innovative options available to all individuals, enterprises and institutions. As it grows, we make sure that organic farming remains true to its founding principles and values. We recognize and invest in a younger generation of leaders who can show us new and creative ways to manifest Organic 3.0 and meet global challenges – and to work with them to turn farming back into an attractive occupation of choice as an economically, personally and socially rewarding activity.

Common Cause, Common Messages

We go forward from India to our home countries as a more unified and coordinated movement, speaking with a louder and common voice: organic solutions are a way forward for the world, a solid basis on which to build stronger, more inclusive and expansive activities for a more resilient society living within planetary boundaries.

We celebrate, through living examples, the diversity of ways to assume humanity’s shared and common responsibilities of stewardship of the environment, keeping people healthy, and providing good livelihoods in harmony with nature and each other. True to our guiding strategy of Organic 3.0 we extend our warm invitation to all who would join us to build a better future.

You can download a pdf copy of the declaration here

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