Portuguese certified organic operators published on bioC.info

Certification data of 2,400 Portuguese operators now available through bioc. 

bioC, the central registry of certified organic operators, has been launched today under www.bioc.info with new content. Sativa, the largest Portuguese certification body is publishing certification data of Portuguese businesses on www.bioC.info. This means that now the certification data of more than 2,400 Portuguese organic operators are available through bioC.

On the Internet platform www.bioC.info, the organic certification bodies currently provide access to more than 80,000 certified operators, counting for over 100,000 certificates. This includes information about national legal regulations in each country, as well as private standards. Currently, 44 certification bodies from various countries participate in the registry.

bioC users can be sure that certificates are authentic by calling up the certificates uploaded on www.bioc.info. Users can be automatically informed, through the function of supplier lists, if a supplier has lost his organic certification. The function of product monitoring ensures that such information is also sent when the status of a monitored product changes.

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bioC helps you save time and money by making it more efficient to verify certificates and the certification status of suppliers and their products. The system becomes increasingly effective as more countries and certification bodies are included in the register. The overall target is the worldwide availability of validated certification information and an efficient way of verifying the status of suppliers and their products

You can create a test account on bioCto try out the functionalities for free. Users are only charged after more than five suppliers are on the suppliers’ list.

bioC is an initiative of organic certification bodies, associations from the organic food sector (BÖLW and IFOAM – Organics International), and service providers. bioC GmbH was founded in December 2010.

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For more information, please contact:

David Gould, Senior Facilitator, IFOAM – Organics International: //d.gould [at] ifoam.bio">d.gould [at] ifoam.bio

Rolf Mäder, General Manager, bioC GmbH: Rolf.Maeder [at] bioC.info

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